Kalimba Tabs Announcement

Kalimba tabs announcement

Our kalimba tabs are finally READY.

Yes. With continuous efforts, our content team has finally launched the first batch of kalimba tabs in a very organized way here. They are the most widely searched songs, e.g. “can’t help falling in love” “you are my sunshine” “Canon in D” and more.

We present the kalimba tabs in the most curated way.

There is a brief introduction for every single song or music. This will definitely help you better understanding the song or music.

Then, we make a video to show you how the music sounds. You will quickly pick out if you want to play. For some songs or music, you may prefer to play a part of it yet to figure out which is the part you are going to try. So just look at the “Number”.

Last but not least, it is the sheet music you can try whenever you like.

This is an ongoing updating collection. If you like it, don’t forget to register our newsletter to get a timely update as of new tabs.

If you have any advice for tabs, just drop us an email here.

Again, stay healthy and safe.

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