Every time when playing kalimba, I not only enjoy every note but also feel a connection to the universe. Thanks to the vibration, the sweet sound comes after plucking the tines of kalimba. This brings something more than the wonderful music that touches the deepest part of my heart and takes me to a world of peace.

Thus, this is where Vibrate Kalimba comes from. I and every member in my team do expect those, who step into the world of Kalimba and fall in love with it, could acquire valued information and knowledge about kalimba, purchase kalimbas on personal preference among bulks of options at affordable prices, enjoy the moments playing the kalimba and even feel connected to the universe. Every kalimba lover deserves all those aforementioned.

We are on the way to do whatever we can to achieve the goal for the good of our community members.



We have own philosophy to develop products that deliver value to the customer, the community and the world.

Diversified products

Either designing the new pattern or sourcing on the trend kalimba, our product team dedicates to ensure the diversified products available on our store aiming at the goal of the home to kalimba lover. We expect our store has the kalimba that our customer or community members is looking for. Time saved and trust build on the end of our served one.

Affordable prices

Distinctive products belong to everyone rather than the privileged. We offer the kalimba in reasonable prices so that anyone could bring the music into life. That is how the internal peace comes, not only from the enthusiasm of making it, but also the sense of achieving and satisfaction of acquiring it.

Quality priority

We always guarantee that the high-quality standards are met. Clients safety and satisfactions are the basis for our long-term business development. We also stand behind our customer with fast reacted after-sales supports.

Social Responsibilities

It is strictly prohibited for our direct suppliers who utilize child or forced labor, or to engage in human trafficking.




If you have language preference of German, kindly check out here at Vibrate Kalimba auf Deutsch.