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Kalimba: The Ultimate Guide

Concise yet informative, you can learn the keys about kalimba in a cup of coffee time.

  • What is a kalimba and mbira
  • Kalimba origin
  • Choosing right kalimba
  • Tuning kalimba
  • Playing kalimba
  • Taking care of kalimba
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Deep Dive

how to choose kalimba poster

Choose A Kalimba

3 Factors to Consider Prior of Purchase

kalimba tuning poster

Tune A Kalimba

6 Steps Quickly to Tune a Kalimba

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Read Kalimba Tabs

2 Types of Tabs to Play Kalimba Soon

how to play the kalimba

Play A Kalimba

3 Core Skills to Play Kalimba into Next Level

kalimba songs kalimba music sheet

Kalimba Songs

Rich Kalimba Songs and Sheet Music

take care of kalimba poster

Take Care Of A Kalimba

2 Simple Ways to Take Care of Kalimba