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Here you can find instructions and quick navigations about the Kalimba Songs and Music Sheet.

As the Kalimba Community organizer, we try out best to make curated contents and kalimba guide for you.

How to mostly utilize the kalimba songs here? Let’s dive directly into the instructions.

Kalimba Songs Instructions

Today, you can find decent music sheets online. They can be either free or costly. Most of the resources are just tabs. You can hardly learn some background of the music if this is less familiar to you. What’s more, given a significant difference to traditional tab, you may find it challenging to start with the part you love most.

That said, we present the kalimba songs in the most beneficial ways to you.

Firstly, for every issued post of tabs, we will share very basic information about the songs or the music. If you are interested, checkout further by yourselves with the link set.

Secondly, we make a video to present the entire piece of song or music. If it is new to you, you can feel if it is right to start. If known already, you can directly jump into the part of melody you love most. You can also catch the rhythm and beats before playing by yourself.

Why Kalimba Sheet Music Here

  • Well organized categories to meet different players needs
  • Regular updates to try out as many songs and music as possible

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